To Infinity & Beyond

Liam Payne: Niam cont. 



“Damn. You know me so well.” He said biting his lip when Liam’s husky voice came from his lips. “But I know you, too.” He said as he ran his hands down his chest as he placed a kiss to Liam’s, sucking lightly on his bottom lip. “Now, fuck me or we’ll both be screwed.” He mumbled finally letting his bottom lip go.

Liam groaned when Niall started sucking on his bottom lip. He clearly knew Liam liked it when he did that ” you do know me, quite well too.”  he mumbled. Liam rolled off of Niall and placed a quick kiss on his lips ” I’ll be right back..” He said leaving the room to go get lubricant. When he finished up with it he went back to the bedroom and climbed on top of Niall once again then started kissing and biting at the Irish boys neck ” back, miss me?” Liam smirked at his boyfriend.

"Miss you? Oh, no.. That was Niallizard.. He missed you.." Niall said shaking his head.. "But I guess I did miss you a bit." He said a smile creeping across his face. "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my body. So fuck me maybe?" He sang to the tune of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. He bit his lip, pressing his lips to Liam’s lips once more, and smiling again when he pulled away.

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